Año 1984 – Volumen 5, nº 1-2

pp. 8-12

1. Why a festschrift in honor of Josef Brozek?

Helio Carpintero

Jose María Peiró

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pp. 13-40

2. Multiphasic profile: a selective autobiography.

Josef Brozek

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pp. 41-49

3. Factores socioculturales en el desarrollo de la psicología: el caso de América Latina.

Ruben Ardila

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pp. 51-61

4. Aid to émigré psychologists in the United States 1933-1943: a research note.

Mitchell G. Ash

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pp. 63-67

5. Henry Rutgers Marshall: the forgotten American Psychological Association president.

Ludy T. Benjamin Jr.

Kenneth Wallers

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pp. 69-83

6. Wilhelm Wundt’s high school years: a reassessment.

Wolfgang G. Bringmann

Charles Early

Norma J. Bringmann

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pp. 85-90

7. Notes on philosophic psychology.

Antonio Caparrós

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pp. 91-97

8. The impact of the spanish Civil War on spanish scientific psychology.

Helio Carpintero

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pp. 99-107

9. Towards a conceptual framework for a critical history of psychology.

Kurt Danziger

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pp. 109-115

10. Leibniz’s aphorism in different contexts.

Solomon Diamond

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pp. 117-125

11. E.B. Titchener and american experimental psychology.

Rand B. Evans

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pp. 127-140

12. The eleventh and twelfth International Congresses of Psychology. A note on politics and science between 1936-1948.

Ulfried Geuter

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pp. 141-144

13. Some notes on the problems and perspectives of the historiography of psychology.

Harald Grünwald

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pp. 145-151

14. The two ingredients of history.

Leslie S. Hearnshaw

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pp. 153-161

15. Episodes in the history of interactionism: on knowing what one is talking about.

Mary Henle

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pp. 163-171

16. The minimal meaningful context.

Willem van Hoorn

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pp. 173-182

17. Josef Brozek and psychology in Czechoslovakia.

Jirí Hoskovec

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pp. 183-185

18. Brief history of the historiography of psychology in China.

Gao Jue-Fu

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pp. 187-192

19. Historiography of psychology in Japan.

Seiji Kodama

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pp. 193-203

20. Psychology-related problems in the philosophy and the cultural and missionary practice of Constantine St. Cyril and Method.

Josef Kosko

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pp. 205-209

21. The concept of activity in soviet psychology: Vygotsky versus his disciples.

Alex Kozulin

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pp. 211-214

22. Figuring out the history of psychology.

David E. Leary

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pp. 215-220

23. Una nota acerca de Honorio Delgado y su rol precursor en la historiografía sudamericana de la psicología.

Ramón León

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pp. 221-227

24. The origins of modern psychology: explorations in the old and the new world.

Marina Massimi

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pp. 229-234

25. European psychology as represented in the Archives of the History of American Psychology.

Marion White McPherson

John A. Popplestone

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pp. 235-244

26. On the relevance of metaphors and models in the historiograpy of psychology.

Alexandre Métraux

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pp. 245-252

27. A short history of the International Congresses of Psychology (1889-1960).

Luis Montoro

Francisco Tortosa

Helio Carpintero

Jose María Peiró

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pp. 253-258

28. K.D. Ushinsky: a theoretician of educational psychology.

A.A. Nikolskaya

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pp. 259-265

29. Historical dimensions of psychological systems and schools.

Vid Pecjak

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pp. 267-281

30. Historical perspectives of work and organizational psychology in Spain.

Jose María Peiró

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pp. 283-290

31. Developmental psychology and the third world: some preliminary considerations.

Matthias Petzold

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pp. 291-301

32. Asociación y pensamiento.

José Luis Pinillos

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pp. 303-312

33. Wundt and Dilthey on Verstehen: two varieties of “gentle-meth”.

Hans Rappard

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pp. 313-335

34. The Great Soviet Encyclopedia as a source for the historiography of soviet psychology.

Eckart Scheerer

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pp. 337-347

35. History of psychology and history of science: reflections on two subdisciplines, their relationship, and their convergence.

Michael M. Sokal

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pp. 349-355

36. Carl Stumpf and the origin and development of psychology as a new science at the University of Berlin.

Lothar Sprung

Helga Sprung

Sibylle Kernchen

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pp. 357-365

37. William James on psychopathology: an archival memoir.

Eugene Taylor

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pp. 367-374

38. Historiography of modern psychology in Asia, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific: activities, aspects and prospects.

Alison M. Turtle

Geoffrey H. Blowers

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pp. 375-380

39. Marxism, critical rationalism, and phenomenology in postwar german psychology.

William R. Woodward

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pp. 381-387

40. Historia de la psicología: investigaciones cuantitativas y el “zeitgeist”.

Leonard Zusne

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pp. 389-396

41. The visibility of Josef Brozek’s work.

Constanza Calatayud

María Jose Soler

Alicia Salavador

Jose María Peiró

Helio Carpintero

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